BPM Methodology

The BPTrends Associates (BPTA) BPM Methodology is a comprehensive, integrated approach to BPM and addresses the Enterprise Level, the Process Level and the Implementation Level. All our services are based on the BPTA methodology depicted in the following diagram.

BPTA BPM Methodology

BPTA BPM Methodology


The BPTrends Associates BPM Methodology recognizes that organizations are focused on a variety of different goals in their process development efforts. The BPTrends methodology is a “best practices” methodology. It does not seek to introduce new technologies or terms for their own sake. Wherever possible, the methodology incorporates the use of existing tools and techniques, like BPMN, Balanced Scorecard, and Lean, providing a common framework or context in which these tools and techniques can be appropriately integrated and coordinated. In many organizations different groups struggle with a variety of these different methods, tools and techniques to accomplish parts of their overall process mission. The BPTrends Associates methodology provides a consistent approach to the coordination and management of all the enterprise process initiatives, providing the highest possible performance and return on investment.

Enterprise Level

At the Enterprise Level, companies are focused on defining a business process architecture, developing performance measurement systems and process governance systems, and creating BPM centers of excellence to coordinate and prioritize their process efforts. At the Enterprise Level, the BPTrends Associates methodology defines a systematic approach to creating the resources and organizational structures needed to generate and maintain a business process architecture, a BPM center of excellence and a governance system that can plan, manage and monitor business process redesign projects and the on-going execution of business processes across the enterprise.

Process Level

At the Process Level, BPM teams are focused on defining, redesigning and improving existing processes. At the Process Level the BPTrends Associates methodology is designed to teach BPM practitioners how to consistently define and model their AS-IS business prsocesses and how to model, analyze and design or redesign their TO-BE business processes.

Implementation Level

At the Implementation Level, HR and IT teams are focused on designing human systems and software systems to implement business processes. The BPTrends Associates methodology does not extend to software development or HR development. However, it does define an interface and uses standard notations, like BPMN, to assure a smooth transition between Process Redesign and HR and IT implementation efforts. There are many available methodologies that are appropriate at the Implementation level and BPTA works with our strategic partners to provide Implementation services that are integrated with our BPTA methodology.