Company Overview

Who We Are

BPTrends Associates (BPTA) is a global pioneer and the leader in business process management, methodology and practice. We have led over one hundred Enterprise Level Projects, conducted over five hundred BPM projects and trained thousands of BPM practitioners in the world’s leading organizations in all market sectors, in both capital intensive and service based organizations. Our clients include Pfizer, General Dynamics, Mars, Grupo Modelo, GCC Cement, Panasonic, NATO Headquarters and Pemex Oil, to name a few. We are the preeminent experts and practitioners in enterprise wide process management capabilities. We are known for successfully dealing with the complex issues associated with process based management systems and enabling our clients to effectively implement, manage and sustain a process based management system.

Our Services

Our services include BPM training, executive coaching, strategic planning, business process architecture, process design and the management and measurement of a process-based organization. Our BPTrends Associates BPM methodology establishes a consistent, integrated and scalable approach to BPM, including a common language and common tools and techniques that assure efficient collaboration among all process practitioners within an organization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support our clients in their business transformation efforts, building trust and BPM capability through the transfer of our knowledge and expertise.