Additional Services

These services supplement and extend the BPTA core services and can be delivered in conjunction with either the Enterprise Level Services or Process Level Services.  Additional customized services are available on request.

Create Communications Plan

This service focuses on identifying the perspectives and concerns of all stakeholders involved in the process change initiative, assuring that they are understood, considered and balanced and that all parties involved in the value chain are ready and willing to embrace the change. The plan includes is includes:

  • Stakeholder Concerns Analysis
  • Communications Planning
  • Communications Message Development
  • Communications Delivery
  • Change Agent Facilitation and Coaching
  • Staff Awareness and Education

Conduct BPM Quality Assurance and Risk Management

Complex initiatives can become fragmented and go off track. Team members often become too focused on completing the project rather than on producing quality results and longer term projects often see managers and team members revert to old practices.  Periodic, independent, professional review of risks and quality assurance can mitigate against threats to successful completion and sustainability of the project. This service provides:

  • Quality / Risk Checkpoint
  • Developed Quality Criteria
  • Quality and Risk Evaluation Checkpoints
  • Risk Evaluation Checklists
  • Checkpoint Assesments

Conduct Post Implementation Review/ Lessons Learned Workshop

This service can be conducted at the end of any Enterprise Level or Process Level service or group of services to discover what worked well and what can be improved. It evaluates and reports the problems and opportunities associated with the [various components of the work performed including:

  • Project performance
  • Deliverables
  • BPM methodology
  • Techniques
  • Human resource competencies
  • Tools
  • Project management
  • Recommendations for improvement

Executive Education

BPTrends Associates Consultants are available to conduct executive seminars, roundtable discussions, or one-on-one discussions with corporate executives interested in understanding the value of BPM and how to introduce and implement BPM in their organizations. For more information on these customized services, please contact us.

Speaking Engagements

BPTrends Associates Consultants are available to present at conferences, corporate meetings, association meetings and other BPM related events on a wide variety of BPM related topics. For more information on these services, please contact us.