Overview of Services

BPTrends Associates provides BPM consulting services to organizations, assisting them in the planning, architecting, designing, measuring, managing, and implementation of their business processes. The BPTrends Associates BPM Methodology is a comprehensive, integrated approach to BPM and addresses the Enterprise Level, the Process Level and the Implementation Level. It establishes a consistent, integrated and scalable methodology, including a common language and common tools and techniques that assure efficient collaboration among all process practitioners within an organization.  The breadth and depth of our offerings, the strength of our subject matter experts and the extensive real world experience of our consultants and our partners are the key to our recognized success. All BPTA consulting services are based on our BPTrends Associates Methodology illustrated in the diagram below.  All BPTrends Associates consulting services are customized to meet customer requirements and are collaborative in nature, involving the full participation of our client’s BPM team.

BPTA BPM Methodology

BPTA BPM Methodology

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