Announcing BPT BPM Certification Program and our BPTA Industry Endorsements

As the field of business process management (BPM) continues to mature, BPM practitioners demand BPM training programs and services that keep pace with market requirements and industry trends. BPTrends Associates (BPTA) is pleased to announce a Major NEW Release of our world-class BPM Training Curriculum, and the Launch of our NEW Formal BPTrends (BPT) BPM Certification Program.

BPTA BPM Methodology and Training Curriculum

The BPTA BPM Training Curriculum is based on the BPTA BPM Methodology, and is the most comprehensive, integrated and scalable BPM Methodology and Curriculum available today. (See Diagram #1).

Diagram #1 – The BPTA BPM Methodology

The NEW BPTA BPM Professional Curriculum and the NEW BPTA BPM Advanced Professional Curriculum are focused on the activities depicted at the Process Level in Diagram #1. The New BPTA BPM Process Architecture Curriculum is focused on the activities depicted at the Enterprise Level described in Diagram #1.

The entire Curriculum has been newly revised and updated based on our market research, feedback from BPM thought leaders, and our global partners and clients in the international BPM community. Addressing market requirements and current trends in BPM, our BPM programs and services are now more robust and rigorous, feature the most up-to-date technologies, tools and techniques, and are designed to support a global industry standard.

Announcing the Launch of our New BPT BPM Formal Certification Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our NEW Formal BPT BPM Certification Program. After completing any or all of the three BPTA BPM Curriculum Programs, participants are authorized to take the corresponding BPT BPM Certification exams and qualify for one or all four of the BPT BPM Certificates. (See Diagram #2 for a chart of the BPT Curriculum Programs and the corresponding BPT Certificates.)

BPT BPM Certification Exams are easily accessible and delivered online, FREE of charge. Participants will receive Exam results immediately upon completion of the Exam and, if they pass the Exam, they will receive a downloadable, personalized BPT BPM Certificate documenting that they have earned one, two, three or all four of the BPT Certificates. Participants can use the BPT Certificate designations on business cards and résumés to demonstrate their BPM knowledge and expertise to colleagues, managers and potential employers. For more complete information on the BPTA Curriculum and the BPT BPM Certification Program go to

BPTrends Certificates BPTA BPM Programs Completed
BPTrends Process
Specialist [BPT-PS]
BPTrends Process
Expert [BPT-PE]
BPTrends Process
Architect [BPT-PA]
BPTrends Process
Leader [BPT-PL]
Diagram #2 – BPTrends BPM Certificate Eligibility Chart

Industry Endorsements

The BPTA BPM Curriculum is recognized by the following well-known and respected organizations in the BPM community – the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®), the Association of Business Process Management Professionals™ (ABPMP™) and the Object Management Group™ (OMG™). BPTA is an OMG™ endorsed BPM training company, is an IIBA® Endorsed Education Provider (EEP™) and an ABPMP™ Registered Training Provider™(RTP™).


The BPTA Worldwide Partner Network.

BPTA delivers our BPTA BPM Curriculum and Consulting services worldwide through our network of licensed, trained and certified partners. All partners are authorized to deliver our BPTA BPM Curriculum and all BPTA partner-delivered programs qualify for the BPT BPM Certification Programs. Visit our BPTA Partner page to find the location most convenient to you.

Act Now!

Don’t wait any longer. The MAJOR NEW Release of our BPTA BPM Curriculum and our NEW BPT Certification Program are now available. Make certain that you and your team are trained in the most comprehensive, integrated and scalable BPM methodology and training curriculum available. For more information on the BPTA BPM Curriculum programs and services and the BPT Certification Programs go to or contact Celia Wolf at or 617-964-4753.

Kind regards,

Celia Wolf
Managing Director
BPTrends Associates