Process Level Services

These services cover the activities required to design or redesign value streams or processes.  The activities include identifying, documenting, modeling, analyzing, redesigning and innovating specific value streams or individual processes to improve process performance. All BPTA engagements are collaborative in nature and involve the full participation of our client’s BPM team. All BPTrends Associates consulting services are customized to meet customer requirements and may include components of some or all of the services described below.

Define and Initiate the Process Project

This service lays the groundwork for all subsequent Process Level work. We introduce the BPTA BPM Methodology, review the current state of  the process project, identify the criteria for success, define the scope, the rationale and the plan for modeling, analysis, design, and create a communication plan for the process change project. This service delivers the following:

  • Introduction to the BPTA BPM methodology
  • Process stakeholder vision, goals and objectives
  • Project scope
  • Benchmark findings
  • Project tools and techniques
  • Project business case
  • Communication plan
  • Analysis and design workplan

Model and Analyze the Process

This service analyzes an existing process to identify gaps that need to be closed. We build process models that describe how work is performed in the current process and use the models to validate findings with internal stakeholders. This service is iterative and facilitation oriented to ensure common agreement regarding the causes of identified problems. It documents:

  • Existing process information
  • Current process models
  • Process measurements
  • Root cause analysis
  • Quick win identification

Redesign and Model the Process

This service evaluates the alternative approaches that may improve the performance of the process. It re-conceptualizes and redesigns the process and its enablers by building new process models, revisits the business case for feasibility and tests the workflow scenarios prior to developing the transformation plan. It produces:

  • Process and technology research results
  • Creative design concepts
  • Future process design models
  • Scenario testing results
  • Updated business case
  • Transformation plan

Identify Process Implementation Requirements

This service manages and oversees the development of the required capabilities that must be developed by the process implementation team to assure successful realization of the approved process models.  Depending on the nature of the changes and the mandate of the team, this service assures delivery of the following:

  • New policies and business rules
  • New processes / procedures
  • New role / hob definitions
  • Newly designed organization structure
  • New human resource incentives

Identify Process Human Competency Requirements

This service manages and oversees the development of the required capabilities that must be developed by the HR implementation team to assure successful implementation of the competency needs of the human resources required to execute, manage and direct the work to be performed in the process. It develops the tools and knowledge required and transfers that knowledge to those involved in the implementation. It assures delivery of the following:

  • Training capability
  • Trained staff
  • Educated and trained management
  • Cross-functional teams in place

Identify Technology Resource Requirements

This service manages and oversees the identification of requirements that must be developed or acquired by the IT implementation team to assure successful implementation of the automation of the process design.  It assures delivery of the following:

  • Process technology implementation plan
  • Technology vendor selection
  • Established BPMS environment
  • Developed technical specifications
  • Documented testing plans and scripts
  • Built Solution – traditional or agile methodology
  • Tested solution
  • Converted solution